September 17, 2013

Lessor Lessons

Our house is now being leased by a family of 6.  I haven't met them, as it was my husband who went there to meet them and get our stuff, have them sign the lease contract.  He also sold some of our stuff to them.  And now, we are lessors.  And I think this early, I already have reservations. I want people to do as they promise, no more and no less.  If they promise to pay us for the remainder of the stuff that they bought on this date, I will hold them to that promise.  I hate it when I have to follow-up and chase.  Good thing its my husband who is talking to them because he has restraints, and I don't.  Anyway, I just hope that they pay their rent on time.  Otherwise, I would have to let them go!

September 4, 2013

Dream House No More

My dream house is no more.  At least for the meantime.  It is now being rented by a new family, and I hope that they will take care of the house, until after we have the money to build our second floor and make it our dream house once more.  I am sad because despite the income that it will generate, somebody else will get to live in MY house. Irrational, I know, but I cant help feeling that way. Oh well.  Such is life.