July 4, 2014

DIY Queen

Gleaming Green Cabinets!
Last Wednesday was Pasig Day and I had a day off from work. Instead of just lie around the house and watch TV like I would very much like to do, I had the sudden itch to paint our kitchen cabinets. So off I went to the hardware store, bought wood paints and a brush and I spent the whole day painting both kitchen cabinets. And the result was beautiful! I just love how it turned out!  I wanted to finish painting the whole kitchen but it was almost 5pm and the kids will be arriving from school.  And Inay and I had to put everything back again and discard a lot of junk! Spring cleaning in the middle of the week!

So how did I do it, I just take out all the stuff in the cabinet, clean it all of dirt with a broom and started painting until I was done! It was so easy I can do it everyday, hahahaha! It's just the putting the stuff back and the cleaning that gets to me. Good thing my Inay was as excited as I was.

It was very tiring indeed, but it was very rewarding! I will buy a lighter shade of green for the kitchen walls that I will paint over the weekend. Yep, I am a office girl by day, and a DIY queen at heart!