October 3, 2014

Can You Ask Rebates for your Skybroad Subscription When There is No Signal?

Can you ask for rebates on your Skybroadband when there is intermittent or no signal? The short and simple answer is yes, based on my experience.  Last month, we had very poor or no signal at all for a whole week.  When I called the service hotline at 381-000, I heard this announcement that there is an ongoing repair or something in our area.  When I talked to the customer service representative, I said I want it put on record that I called because we were having this difficulty, and that I will call again in a week that I would ask for a rebate because of this.  When I called again the following week, I checked if may earlier call was logged, and was advised that it was, and then I asked for a rebate.  I was told that a week would be deducted from my bill.  When I received my bill, I was still billed for the full amount so I called again.  I was advised that based on their record, the full week was deducted from my bill, but was not reflected on the bill because it was printed already when I called. So I will just pay the lesser amount come my due date on the 5th of the month.  

So, the moral of the story is to document your complaints, and be vigilant about your bill.  If I have forgotten about it, or just let it go, then I would have to pay the full amount.