August 21, 2018

How Lovely is the Silence of Growing Things

I was having a migraine yesterday which wouldn't go away. I was nursing it the whole day but it still wouldn't leave so I did what my elementary Home ED teacher used to tell us: get your hands dirty! I took a big knife and a trash can and a stool, and just cleared my front garden to make it looking like that! I also trimmed the guava tree, took out lots of growing ipil trees and hacked off (very sadly) another tree. I just left a mango tree and papaya tree and the guava tree of course.  Now it looked a lot better, and it will be much better once I bought some more plants!

I really love gardening, too bad i don't have much time for it as much as I want too. But it is an ongoing project in our new house now and I will get to it soon once I have the time.

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